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In order to tailor scrubs to your perfection, Scrubd has worked hard at determining the very best sizes that fit your uniquely beautiful body! We have done research into various sizes for scrubs used across various professions in order to determine what works. To improve your experience with Scrubd we have also added our size guides to each scrub available in our shop.

Our current standard sizing for scrub tops and scrub pants consists of the following:

  • Extra Small (XS)
  • Small (S)
  • Medium (M)
  • Large (L)
  • Extra Large (XL)
  • Extra Extra Large (XXL)
We don’t usually deviate from the sizing above however, please do reach out to us if you have specific sizing requests – we always love hearing from you! and are happy to try and accommodate your most satisfactory fit.


Why scrub size is important?

Body type

There are many different body shapes and sizes. Each coming with their own unique quirks and each are beautiful in their own way. Knowing (or finding out) your scrub size is really helpful to ensure that you don’t just get the right fit, but that you are comfortable in whatever fit you choose. Do you prefer a loose fit? or do you like wearing something tighter?

Scrubd caters for every body type to give you the freedom to choose.


There are of course, other factors to consider too, such as fabric – but knowing your size goes a long way in helping with your ideal scrubs. Certain fabrics may create a different “feel” on your skin. If you like a certain fabric but don’t want it to feel too uncomfortable, consider a larger size or even a different fabric. Either way, the choice is yours and we are happy to help you make this choice too!

Due to the nature of the work of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and any other medical practitioners who wear at least some version of Scrubs, it is imperative that they fit comfortably and allow healthcare workers the ease and flexibility to be able to their jobs and help others as best as they can within the given climate.
Cities like Durban are notoriously humid and as such could mean you want a looser fit of scrub to give you body even more chance to breathe.

You could also have different sizes for days with different weather. The choice really is up to you.

Scrub Tops

Bust / Chest
95 cm
106 cm
111 cm
120 cm
128 cm
136 cm
98 cm
108 cm
118 cm
126 cm
134 cm
130 cm
Full Length
65 cm
69 cm
72 cm
77 cm
79 cm
80 cm

Scrub Pants (Joggers)

Full Length
102 cm
103 cm
105 cm
112 cm
112 cm
114 cm
Waist Circumference
64 cm
68 cm
70 cm
74 cm
80 cm
84 cm
Full Stretch Circumference
90 cm
94 cm
100 cm
110 cm
122 cm
132 cm
Cuff Circumference
20 cm
22 cm
23 cm
23 cm
25 cm
26 cm


Looking for the perfect fit for your body? We’ve got just what you need! Choose your size below and see the bust, waist and length measurements in your size! Once you’ve identified your measurements, click the “Shop my size!” button to find all the scrubs available for your size in our shop.

Found your precise measurements? Now it’s time to find your perfect scrub. Head to our shop when you’re ready to see yourself in your brand new scrubs!

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