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Scrubd products contain a variety of different fabrics and material. 

Not sure what to choose? No Problem! We’ve got you covered.


Polycotton Fabric

Polycotton fabric is a great combination material comprising of artificial polyester and the natural cotton fibers. Due to this unique hybrid approach, you get the best elements of synthetic polyester and natures finest cotton.

Polyester brings the sturdiness and durability which makes any clothing item more dependable and last much longer. Combined with the soft and moisture-absorbent qualities of Cotton – this fabric is a clear cut above the rest. Of course, this combination also enhances the ability to care for your medical scrubs, as maintenance is a breeze. Polycotton fabric can typically be spot cleaned, hand washed or even tumble dried if you really need to get some tough stains out.

A popular split within the clothing manufacturing industry for polycotton is 65% cotton and 35% polyester. This further proves how important comfort is to anyone wearing scrubs, or any other clothing for that matter.

Polycotton blends also cost lest than 100% pure cotton and provide much more comfort – probably the reason it is so popular among retailers and small businesses alike.

Though some manufacturers do prefer a 50/50 even split, Scrubd has found that a higher percentage of cotton works best and facilitates comfort more than adequately whilst still maintaining the durable properties of synthetic polyester fabric.

If a combination approach is what you’re after, then this best of both worlds material will do all you need and more.

Advantages of Polycotton

Below are some of the advantages of polycotton in the context of medical scrubs.


100% cotton is more expensive than synthetic polyester. Since polycotton is a blend between the two, the price point is much more affordable to scrubs manufacturers as well as medical professionals purchasing it. 


Polyester fabric is much more durable than cotton, but does tend to stick to the skin a bit more in more humid conditions such as Durban. However, by combining the polyester with cotton, the polycotton blend caters for the comfort while at the same time maintaining the durable aspects of polyester. It is also less likely to shrink after multiple washes due to the nature of the unique fabric combination, meaning your scrubs will last even longer.

Easy maintenance

As mentioned previously, polycotton scrubs have much less shrinkage than pure polyester or cotton scrubs. They can be spot cleaned, washed and dried a large number of times without ever losing their shape or specific fit – making it perfect for scrubs. Basically, it works well with items that need to be washed frequently and will have no negative effect once cleaned. 

In addition, polycotton scrubs are also relatively crease resistant – meaning you may not even need to iron your scrubs once they’re out of the wash. Great news for us lazy – I mean hardworking – medical professionals!


Since cotton has breathability and more softness associated with it, those elements are carried into polycotton fabric as well. Pure cotton is breathable, but has much less durability especially in warmer climates. Polyester is more durable but a lot less comfortable. Polycotton has both qualities, making the overall experience of wearing polycotton scrubs much more pleasant and your skin will definitely thank you for it.

Some other features:

  • Toughness
  • Rigidity
  • Comfort

Due to the above advantages, Polycotton is very popular for manufacturers of comfortable clothing (such as Scrubs) as well as house items like bedsheets, pillows and even certain styles of curtains. 

Scrubd offers a range of Polycotton scrubs in various colours to get you started. Head on over to the shop and check it out.

Cotton Twill

Cotton Twill Fabric

Cotton Twill is a very common and popular weave pattern characterised by diagonal lines on the face of the fabric. You may recognise cotton twill fabric from denim and chino pants you may own. The durability of this material is transferred to medical scrubs too, meaning you get very high quality protection. The world renowned blue jean is a staple in any household – much like the cotton twill scrub is a staple among the serious medical professionals such as yourself!

Because the yarn is packed so closely together, the sturdiness of the fabric is enhanced in thickness. Though initially used for pants, jeans trousers or jackets, recent technology has allowed for this to be tailored to fit tups such as scrubs too.

Since Cotton Twill is also easy to maintain, it is often preferred for construction workers and more recently medical professionals too. This is due to its ease of use and also it’s uncanny ability to subtly hide dirt.

Advantages of Cotton Twill

Some advantages of cotton twill fabric is shared below


Jeans and jackets are some of the most worn items in anyone’s closet right? Well, so are medical scrubs made of that very same fabric! Cotton Twill scrubs are a hugely important weapon in the arsenal of any medical professional due to its ability to withstand dirt and the pressures of an exhausting shift.

Easy maintenance

Maintenance is made easy by the closely woven fabric and the ability to hide dirt. Maintaining your cotton twill scrubs rarely ever requires a deep wash so just pop it in with the rest of your wash load and voila! It practically washes itself. 

100% cotton twill is easy to spot clean as well as machine wash.

Wrinkle Resistant

Cotton twill does not wrinkle easily. As above, a quick tumble dry or steam is enough to get rid of wrinkles and leave you looking your sharpest in your scrubs.


Cotton Twill is incredibly lightweight despite its durability. It works especially well during the warmer days and months, but don’t be fooled – this fabric is versatile to maintain your body even during the colder months due to the stitch pattern. Cotton Twill presents a light breeze which move along the fabric but maintains enough of an enclosed stitch that you will never be freezing in your scrubs. It is however, a lot lighter in weight when compared to more premium fabrics hence its also easy to carry around as a spare without taking up too much space in your backpack.



Mini Matt

Mini Matte

Mini Matt fabric is made up of polyester yarns which are woven together to form a flat sheet. The fabric is used in many applications where it needs to be light weight and durable. It is often used in uniforms and aprons because it is easy to wash and dry. It is also popular in uniform trousers and tunics and has since been adopted for use in medical scrubs. Mini Matt comes in a variety of colours and prints

Advantages of Mini Matt

Some advantages of mini matt fabric is shared below

One of the main reasons for the popularity of Mini Matt fabric with a variety of uniforms is how long it lasts. Regardless of where you’re wearing your uniform, its fabric qualities make for a comfortable experience.

Synthetic fabrics were essentially created to enhance durability and comfort, something not all cottons can do sustainably (sorry, Cotton on!). If you’re looking for an incredibly strong synthetic, you cant go wrong with Mini Matt.

Colour fastness

Mini matt is said to hold colours for much longer than other synthetic fabric due to the way it is made. There is often colour loss in clothing, as expected with time, but Mini Matt is said to retain the colour and glow for up to 15% longer than other synthetics. 

Water Repellant

Mini matt is a quick drying fabric – no wonder it is even used for napkins and tablecloths. Extremely helpful when you’ve spilled some liquids on your scrubs between seeing patients (it happens to us all!). As an added bonus, Mini Matt fabric is also resistant to abrasion and tearing, so you can attempt to wipe down as much of that fluids before you’re due your next patient without worrying too much about damaging the material.


Don’t you just hate those little balls of fabric on your garments? Well you’re not alone! Mini matt comes to the rescue with pill resistance qualities that prevent the surface from pilling due to wear. This is a special feature of the fabric and is enhanced even more with special touch Scrubd adds to all scrubs to maintain an excellent fabric finish.

Shrink resistant

Shrinking clothing is a tough one to endure! Its useful, if you’ve suddenly lost some weight and still fit into your favourite scrubs – not so useful when your favourite scrubs no longer feel the size you bought them in!

Since natural materials like cotton is built to absorb moisture, it is highly susceptible towards shrinking over time. Synthetics like Mini Matt however, are aimed at succeeding where their natural predecessors have failed. Your scrubs should therefore fit you for longer – and if they no longer do, Scrubd has a range of sizes available via our shop and some guidance around sizes too




Scuba Fabric

Last but not least we have Scuba – used exclusively on one of our top sellers – the Holly designer scrub top.

Scuba fabric is a double-knitted fabric not necessarily associated with scrubs. It is a type of synthetic fibre made from soft, fine threads. It comes in a variety of feels, durability and properties. With Scuba fabric having a two-way stretch, it’s commonly used in products with elasticity such as scuba diving and even specific medical gloves. Scuba fabric is often confused with neoprene which is a bulkier synthetic rubber and material hybrid that is more durable and suited for wetsuits. The scuba material manufactured by Scrubd is built for endurance, but with a less bulk and more smooth textures

Scuba usually has between 30% and 50% horizontal stretch and is made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex for excellent recovery. This fabric is seriously versatile and retains heat better than most other fabrics. The spandex value enhances the slightly springy feel to the garment and enhances the look on a variety of body types.

Advantages of Scuba

Some advantages of Scuba fabric is shared below

2-way stretch

The vertical and horizontal stretch that comes with Scuba textiles is due to the Polyester to Spandex ratio. This stretch also increases breathability which is a problem with traditional neoprene fabrics. Scuba itself is therefore much more suited to garments as it is able to be worn sustainably for longer periods and lets more air into the skin. This versatility means that you may be able to get away with a slightly bigger or smaller size depending on your body type.

The 2-way stretch properties also come with all of the performance characteristics offered by neoprene, but also has more sponginess, versatility, breathability and a better fit.

Heat retaining

If you’re someone who often feels cold chills throughout the day, Scuba fabric is perfect for you. It retains heat in such a way where it doesn’t cause sweating, instead it retains the heat already created by your body. Due to the fabric’s 2-way stretch, excess heat is often let out as part of daily movements too, making this a truly well oiled machine.

Water resistant

An added bonus, really. Having a water resistant material just makes management and maintenance a lot easier. Often a simple wipe off of the liquid is enough with scuba and it should dry quickly as well given the heat retaining properties of the fabric too. No wonder people love it so much!

Extra body support

Scuba is made exclusively with a fine knit gauge and smooth thread. The polyester and spandex properties also contribute to giving this material a matte kind of finish, which is visible when just looking at the fabric.

The stars have simply aligned with this one, it just fits.

Super smooth

Everyone loves a smooth feeling! This material has a great fit and feel and is quite frankly fun to run your fingers down. In fact, Scuba fabric is so smooth it even cuts easily during manufacturing – hence it requires very specificly concentrated individuals to do it!


Here is a quick recap of the fabric related information on this page. 


  • Contains artificial polyester and natural cotton fibers.
  • Makes scrubs last longer as it is much more durable than pure cotton.
  • Retains the soft and moisture absorbent qualities of cotton.
  • Some advantages of Polycotton include affordability, durability, easier maintainability and breathability.
  • Other features specific to this fabric blend include but are not limited to; toughness and rigidity gained from polyester and comfort gained from the cotton.

Cotton Twill

  • Popular weave pattern with diagonal lines visible on the face of the fabric. Commonly used for denim products.
  • Sturdy and durable with enhanced thickness. Cotton Twill is easy to maintain and has a decent ability to hide dirt.
  • Some advantages include durability, easy maintenance, and wrinkle resistance
  • Lightweight and works very well for the summer months, but doesn’t leave you feeling too cold in winter.

Mini Matt

  • Made of polyester yarns woven together to form a flat sheet of fabric.
  • Comes in a variety of colours and prints and popular for trousers and tunics due to its light weight nature.
  • Some advantages of Mini Matt include durability, colour-fastness, water repellant, anti-pilling and shrink resistance.


  • A double knit fabric that is a synthetic fibre made of soft fine threads. It usually consists of around 95% polyester and 5% spandex.
  • Built for endurance and has a two-way stretch (vertical and horizontal). 
  • Often confused with neoprene which is a much bulkier fabric.
  • Some advantages of Scuba fabrics include two-way stretching, heat retention, water resistance, extra body support and incredible smoothness.

Thats it! Those are the fabrics currently on offer with every scrub you order from Scrubd. This page will be updated as new fabrics become available.

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