Bubblegum Pink

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Cotton Twill



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The best Bubblegum Pink scrub is here, and it’s beautiful!

This tastefully tantalising scrub is both dreamy and economic.

The Bubblegum Pink scrub is the perfect fit for your wardrobe whether you’re into looking fabulous, getting the job done, or both!

With a balanced blend to pretty and highly functional, this scrub will surely bring out your best.

The specific shade of pink is also carefully chosen to promote trust and care within environments that require extra attention such as dealing with children or elderly patients.

As most of our other colourful scrubs, this one is made with cotton twill fabric for the best available fit you can find.

Another key feature is how easy it is to spot clean. For a deeper cleanse, throw it in the wash with your other colour items to make sure your ideal scrub top is always making you look and feel as fresh as possible.

This desirable scrub top includes an array of features, including:

  • Style: Bubblegum Pink colour scrub
  • Pockets Three pockets; one bottom left, one bottom right; one top left.
  • Fabric: Cotton twill
  • Available Colours: Bubblegum Pink in a bright variant.
  • Available Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Addons:
    • Embellishments: Embroidery is available for an additional fee
    • Joggers in the same design as the top available at a discounted 40% off
    • Scrub cap in the same style as the top

This scrub comes with three lovely pockets (Top left, bottom left and bottom right) which is ideal for storing valuables or other small items!

Order this unique and affordable design as a scrub top, or add a pants and scrub cap to complete the set!

You can also view our other scrubs in the shop.

Available while stocks last.

What are medical scrubs?

Medical scrubs go by many names. Hospital scrubs, doctor scrubs, physio scrubs – you name it! For those within a related medical profession they are even simply just called ‘scrubs’. To find out more about scrubs and its uses, check out this link.


XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL


Cotton Twill



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